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Sunday, July 25, 2010

REACH Your Generations

*Notes from G-12 Regional Conference - Luzon, held last saturday, July 24, at Philtrade Center.
**compiled from different speakers.

-You cannot live your life without a word from God.

-Revelation gives direction, stability & continuity.

-God tests us to prove to us to see what is in our heart.

-The more mature we are, the more we are willing to wait.

-Problems are the breakfast of champions.

-A problem is a doorway to substance, to receive something, a key to promotion.

-Discipleship if forming the character of Jesus in us and in others.

-A learner: a thought accompanied by action, accepts teaching of the master, not only in thought, but in lifestyle.

-When you think you know what to do, you stop listening.

-Grace empowers us to do what is right.

-Repentance: a testimony of our own salvation.

-'Discipleship without reservation.'

-The Lord expects to be trusted.

-Love: Disinterested benevolence

-'Forgive seventy times seven times' is not a number, but a principle.

-A christian without fruit is a contradiction in terms.

-Fruit in the inside = fruit on the outside.

-Character: needed to maintain the fruit on the outside.

-A disciple has a disciple.

-Pressure from people makes you want to quit, but pressure from the Holy Spirit makes you do what you need to do.

-Whatever is happening in the spirit will manifest in the natural.

-Yesterday ended last night.

-Tiredness is not a physical condition, it is a mindset.

-Selfishness: You will never be depressed if you are not thinking about yourself.

-A real vision is bigger than yourself.

-God knows the best, and will always give us the best.


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