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Monday, November 2, 2009

Backtrack. Stop. Rewind. Forward.


I have to catch myself first.

Sooooooo many things happened in between the previous post and this one.

Hmm, first I just realized that I missed out on the "random words weekly", I should be at 'D' by now, but my last one was still 'A'... So first order of business: "random words weekly"...


-Chocolate =)


I was thinking that maybe before I put anything here about Impact Thailand '09, I (and the team) should finish all our 'assignments' the video, letters, report, etc.

Just so I don't miss out on anything. It's good to have the before, during, and after covered right? =)


Realization for the day:

It's hard to follow your own advice.

More than the giving out of advice, actually taking your own words to be put into action in your life is a harder thing.

Just so I can get my thoughts out.

But still, I am thankful for the opportunity and privilege to be part of other people's journeys =)

Amazing Lord, indeed You expand and You increase.


I have decided, I have resolved, to wait upon You Lord. ♥

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