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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gaining and Sustaining Momentum by Andy Stanley

Decided to update my podcasts and was so happy to find out that there's now an Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast! Awesome!

Here's some notes on the first one I downloaded for the series called "Gaining and Sustaining Momentum":

3 Components of sustaining momentum:

1) "NEW"

-triggers momentum

-anything new by definition automatically generates some kind of momentum

-can be negative or positive

-organizational momentum is triggered by
----new leadership
----new direction
----new program/program

-Do we need a new leader? a new direction? a new program/product? or a combination?

-Momentum is never triggered by tweaking something old. It is triggered by introducing something new. Minor improvements to something that lacks momentum will not trigger momentum. It just makes something mediocre a little bit better.

-new does not guarantee sustained momentum, but it always triggers some kind of momentum.

"Momentum is like the wind--if we are not careful, we can kill it and never know that we have."

"There are seasons of momentum; nothing lasts forever."

Three questions to continually ask:
1) What can we do that's new that would trigger it?
2) Is the new a significant improvement over the old?
3) What can we do to continually tweak the new so that it continues to gain and sustain momentum

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