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Monday, May 9, 2011

Traversing in Cyberspace

Google Chrome has been collecting so many "stars" since I started using this browser.
Lots of things being 'favorite-d' online.
Here are some that hit right home:

(from "Gentlemen in a Digital Age")
You trust God by risking rejection.

Every time you battle the passivity of Adam, standing wordlessly by Eve as she was deceived, you build your muscles of godly masculinity.

Every time you sow toward leadership and clarity by stating what you want and not trying to slide in the back door of any context, you are going to reap good fruit — even if you aren’t immediately rewarded with what you seek.

Every time you consider the interests and perspectives of others, you are cultivating benevolent masculinity, the kind of manliness that adorns the gospel.


(from Bloom! Magazine: "Guys. Girls. Friends?")
It’s one of the biggest questions for girls: “What does it look like to be ‘just friends’ with a guy?”

Let me start by saying that friendships with guys are great, fun, and very possible. But they should not look the same as our female friendships.


(from "Pursue Her")
When you meet "the one, pursuing her with all your heart is the most spiritual thing you can possibly do.


(from "What Can A Girl Do")

2. Should I wait until a guy makes it crystal clear that he is interested or should I give signals that I am interested so that he may continue to move forward?

It's unlikely that you're not giving him any signals at all. When your heart starts leaning toward a man, it's virtually impossible not to give signals that you like him.

(from "8 Writing Tips from C.S. Lewis")
Write with the ear, not with the eye. Make every sentence sound good.


(from : "Vintage Book Planner Tutorial")
A tutorial for a "Vintage Book Planner"

Amazing floor mat!


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