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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ten for 2010 et al

Of course by now, everyone has their own lists for 2010.
Here's something I wrote in my letter to Jesus that i am reposting here in my blog:

Ten for 2010:

1) Finish reading at least ten books of the Old Testament
-A goal I included for my 2009 was to finish reading the entire bible. Of course without a definite bible reading plan, I was only able to finish the whole of NT..
So for this coming 2010, I want to finish reading ten books in the Old Testament, mainly because I've never done that before..

2) Visit new places (here or abroad)
-So far i've lined up: Bicol and Malaysia. I wonder where else God will bring me next year =)

3) Learn a new "talent/skill"
-Will 2010 finally be the year when I will learn how to play the guitar? or ride a bike? or something else? hahaha. Well, if anyone out there wants to volunteer for this one, it'll be much appreciated =)

4) Get to know at least ten new people this year =)

5) Finish reading at least two books

6) Lose 10-20 pounds! =))

7) Share the gospel to and help consolidate at least ten people
-Do I even need to explain this one? =)

8) Learn to cook something new
-Dahil alam ko na nagsasawa na kayo sa pasta, beefsteak at potato salad ko =D

9) Go back to Ladkrabang =)

10) Meet someone "famous"
-this one I added just for kicks. hahaha. Well, we never know do we? =)

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