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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I have a dream.

I don't even know how to begin this one...

"When I change, everything around me changes."
I guess I never really took much time to reflect upon that saying to apply it in my daily life.
After all, "I'm already doing so good..."

How the world works is and should be the least of my concerns.
And yet as gravity holds us and keeps us from falling off the earth, I find myself feeling as if I've taken a free fall to nowhere / the unknown, with no idea of where I am going and for how long till I reach "safety".

I write to you as someone with a dream. A vision.
And not just any other type of dream and vision, but I am someone with a PERSONAL dream and PERSONAL vision.
I recognize that one of the most crucial factors in seeing that dream and vision fulfilled is my BEING A PART of it.

And just what is that dream and vision?

I envision a generation of young multiplying disciples who fully and truly love God above all and love others as themselves.

I envision a generation of young people that envisions something for themselves and not just following where the current is taking them.

I envision a generation of young people that is so committed to the life of Christ, that it shows in their thoughts, in their words and in their actions.

I envision a generation of young people glorifying God through their lives by reaching out to their families, campuses and communities.

I encourage you to dream with me about this. I urge your prayers about this matter. The burden that God has placed in my heart is becoming louder by the minute and it seems I am starting to hear things more clearly.

Please pray with me that I may not grow weary of hearing from the Lord; and that the '"hearing" would eventually go off into "doing".

I appreciate your taking time to read through this email, may our God bless you in unimaginable ways!

Taking every thought captive for Christ,

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