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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

An Ode To Serendipity

This day, 10 years ago, my most-favorite movie of all time was first released. Although technically, if you do some research, this movie was shown in the Toronto Film Festival a month before it's October 5th release. But that's beside the point.

So, I've actually been secretly counting down to this day if i'm not mistaken since around 2 years ago probably? But this movie has been a favorite of mine since I first watched it around 2004? Anyways, I'm sticking the countdown to the 2 year period since that's the time I got my ipod nano 3rd gen and I recall that the first movie that I really remembered to put in it was Serendipity. And one time I decided to google it and read through its wikipedia and imdb page, and that's where I saw that it was first released on October 5, 2011. So that makes it 10 years now.

Not even including the very awesome soundtrack, I could still give a long list of reasons as to why this is my favorite movie of all time, but I know that would just bore you. And I also don't want to give out spoilers to those who still haven't seen the movie yet. So I'm gonna try to wrap this post up already just by saying a few things.

Serendipity is one of those movies that make you believe and hope to find "the one" out there. But at the same time, I think this movie reminds us to be realistic in the sense that there is still the object of choice in the decisions the main characters made to eventually end up where they think 'destiny' brought them.


My favorite scene from the movie. Or what I like to call: the "Finally" moment.


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