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Monday, December 5, 2011

25 Things -- UPDATED

175 Days to go.
Please backtrack to this post.

(in no particular order)

1.) Learn how to ride a bike
**Did this yesterday!!!!! Thank you to my awesome friends who helped out =) You guys are the best!...Though, I would still need to practice this more...But still, it was one small step for the penguins! (Nini and me)
****Got to ride a bike a few times more after this one, indeed once you know how to ride a bike, you won't forget! =)

2.) Have a *-figure savings in the bank
*amount undisclosed for privacy reasons

3.) Learn how to play a musical instrument (basic stuff) ... preferably guitar

4.) Run in a marathon

5.) Climb a mountain/hill?

6.) See Dolphins upclose

7.) Visit Visayas & Mindanao

8.) Learn how to bake a cake

9.) Get to my ideal weight

10.) Learn how to Ice Skate / Rollerblade

11.) Go on a long trip alone

12.) Get a henna tattoo

13.) Read the bible chronologically

14.) Buy a digital camera
**This one already taken care of by mom hahaha. Mom did you read my blog? =))

15.) Get my driver's license

16.) Get another article published

17.) Move out of the house

18.) Win a contest
**This one happened last April when I won tickets to the Switchfoot concert!

19.) Get a new pair of eyes (try wearing contact lens)
**Okay so this one, I might have to rethink, just because mom won't EVER allow me to wear contact lenses, because she said that she got cataract because she used to wear them before. Hence, she got me new glassed instead. Hmm..Half-check on this one I guess?

20.) Get my portrait taken (photography or sketch)
**Yey! The Older Simply Captivating girls and I had a photoshoot in an actual studio (Blow-Up Babies in Serendra)..thanks to Ate Kaye! Can't wait for the prints! =)

21.) Go camping outdoors

22.) Travel to 5 countries
**So far I've gone to Thailand, Malaysia & Singapore. Can I do 2 more before May? Hmm...

23.) Learn a new language or dialect.

24.) Go to a prom.

25.) Fulfill a secret wish.

Okay, so I've only done 5 out of 25. Still a long way to go. Of course, whatever doesn't get done by my 25th, I can always stretch until my 30th.

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