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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


God is not a magic 8-ball. You can't just shake Him and then ask Him questions and expect Him to give answers you can understand immediately. You can't just flip open the Bible and pick and choose what verses appeal to you or you think are reasonable enough for your situation now. That is not how to treat His words correctly. The process of asking questions and seeking answers is one that involves an actual relationship with Him. So if you aren't nurturing a continuous, growing relationship with Him, I would suggest you be careful with those bible verses you are reading now my friend. You have a high risk of using them out of context and you might not like where you will end up.


Let us not be so concerned about what other people think about us, what matters is how God really sees us. And I'm pretty sure He sees way more than other people normally see.


Motives are a very hard thing to check. They're every reason why we do things, whether in secret or not in secret; ulterior or exterior. You can't exactly question another person when it comes to their motivations, the only thing you can do is to try and get them to to that themselves. After all, you can't exactly rip their hearts out of their chests and inspect it closely. Well, you can do that, but all you will see are the aortas, blood vessels, etc., gory stuff if I might add.

But God sees things differently. Yes, being the ultimate awesome Creator that He is, He can most definitely see the physical parts of who we are, even without a microscope. At the same time, as if it's 3D or 4D or something else, God also sees things in the secret level that only He can see. And it is there that our motivations lie.

The next question is: should we question everything?

I say yes.

And in the end, the Heart of the Matter is: Self-Promotion vs. God-Promotion.
Making "Me" Famous vs. Making Jesus Famous.

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