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Monday, March 8, 2010

what's for dinner? my thoughts + tuna sandwich

Oh my, I think i've gotten so used to microblogging (a.k.a. that i might have forgotten what it's like to write down a real, full-on, blog.

So that's a disclaimer right there to those who will be reading today's post.

I'm a little "frazzled" (for lack of a better term) with a lot of things the past days.

Here's a short list of those things that have been getting to me:

1. BF-GFs in public
-Whether I ride with them in a jeep or pass by them in some mall or eat beside them in another table in a restaurant, i've been feeling negative towards this type of human entity. I really don't have a single/specific reason as to why. Maybe its that everytime i see a 'BF-GF' entity, they always have some type of physical lock with each other (i.e. hands/arms intertwined, the BF arm on the GF's waist, the face touching, etc.). Haay. Physical Intimacy at its worst. Whether it's the manang in me speaking or not, but I find myself becoming increasingly irritated at how these boys & girls are.

2. Impacted Tooth
-It's becoming harder to eat refraining from using the right side of my mouth. Although I have talked with my dentist friend, she says that maybe we will have to extract (?) that tooth, but that first I should have an xray done to find out if that is really what's causing the pain. Although it's not that excruciatingly painful yet (probably thanks to the two sheets of Mefenamic Acid she gave for me to drink every 4 hours), it's such a complete discomfort.

3. Hot, Hot, Hot Weather
-Well Summer's here officially as declared by Pag-Asa last thursday. The temperature and humidity anywhere outside the reach of an aircon has become increasingly untolerable for most, including myself.


Of course the beauty of God's created life is that there's also a chance for us to experience the good stuff (a.k.a. list of things that made my day- as of typing time) :

1. Fruit Magic Juice Lounge
- This is now my self-declared hiatus place. Where my anti-social self goes to escape with either a book + journal or with my laffy tafft as what I'm doing at this very moment. Lovely fruit shakes + free wifi = top ways to escape the summer heatwave.

2. "Up" wins 2 at the Oscars
-My favorite animated movie won Best Animated Feature Film & Best Original Score.
Great Job to the production people behind this year's Academy Awards, the hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin were funny at the right moments and not at all irritating like some of their predecessors. The only performance (dance) of the night featuring the nominees for best musical score made me cry. Well only the part where they were performing the musical score for Up. That movie just has this uncanny ability to tug at my heart and make the tear ducts work, in a good way of course. Hahaha.

3. My pick-me-up song

"And doesn't that sound familiar? Doesn't that hit too close to home?
Doesn't that make you shiver; the way things could've gone?
And doesn't it feel peculiar when everyone wants a little more?
And so that I do remember to never go that far,
Could you leave me with a scar? "
-Scar (Missy Higgins)


Isaiah 55:8
"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways..."

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